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K00174 Summary:

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K00174 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 174
BY: M. of A. Palmesano
        COMMEMORATING  the 100th Anniversary of the Dundee
  WHEREAS, It is the custom of this Legislative Body to recognize that
the quality and character of life in the communities  across  the  great
State of New York is reflective of certain exemplary organizations whose
purpose  is  dedicated  to  serving  the  community and the needs of its
citizenry; and
  WHEREAS, Attendant to such concern, and  in  full  accord  with  its
long-standing  traditions,  this  Legislative  Body  is  justly proud to
commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Dundee Library; and
  WHEREAS, With humble beginnings, the Dundee Library evolved  from  a
group  of  women  who  began  to meet once a week in 1902 to study civic
government; one year later, the women formed the Woman's Study Club  and
from  the dues gathered, they bought books for use in preparing programs
for their meetings; and
  WHEREAS, In March of 1908, E.L. Bailey gave the club  40  books  and
suggested  a  library be opened; on May 2nd of the same year, the Dundee
Circulating Library, owning 290 books, opened  on  Saturday  afternoons;
  WHEREAS,  A  building fund was set up in 1912, and when Delia Cooper
died in 1917, she bequeathed her house and lot on  Water  Street  to  be
used  for  a  library  and  educational  purposes; the present building,
costing just under $10,000 was erected, and  opened  its  doors  to  the
public on January 1, 1920; and
  WHEREAS,  A  provisional  charter  was granted to the Library by the
Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York in August of
1912, under the corporate name of the Woman's Study  Club  and  Library;
its  Absolute  Charter  was granted on July 18, 1946, when the library's
name changed to the Dundee Library; and
  WHEREAS, Area libraries began to study a multi-county library system
in 1956, and the Southern Tier Library System  (STLS)  was  established;
three  years  later, the contract was signed with STLS, serving Steuben,
Yates, Schuyler, Chemung and Allegany Counties; and
  WHEREAS, The Friends of the Library organization was formed in March
of 1971, to promote interest in the  library  and  to  provide  it  with
additional  financial  assistance;  the  Children's  Room  was opened in
November of 1971, and the building was  enlarged  in  1979,  adding  two
rooms at the basement level and one room on the main floor; and
  WHEREAS,  In  addition,  a local history corner was developed in the
1980s, and in 1994, space was added to accommodate  a  lift  for  people
with disabilities; and
  WHEREAS,  The  Dundee  Library materials include books, audio books,
videotapes,  music  on  disks,  DVDs,  and  large  print  material   and
magazines; equipment includes internet-access computers, printers, and a
TV/VCR, copier and fax machine; and
  WHEREAS,  Furthermore,  the library is the repository for the weekly
Observer newspaper with bound volumes from  1983  to  the  present;  the
Yates History Center began digitizing the volumes in 2019; and
  WHEREAS,  Open  to  the  public  35 hours a week, the Dundee Library
staff includes a Library Director, Youth  Services  Specialist,  Library
Clerks and an Account Clerk, as well as a Board of 11 Trustees; and
  WHEREAS,  The  Dundee  Library  has  been an invaluable resource for
residents of Dundee, New York, for 100 years; people come to the Library
to connect, discover and learn through  story  times,  book  group,  and
various programs for all ages; and
  WHEREAS,  A vital part of its community, this remarkable institution
has continually strived to provide  outstanding  service  to  a  diverse
population of neighborhood residents; and
  WHEREAS,  The  success  enjoyed  by  the Dundee Library is in direct
correlation to the efforts of the many individuals  who  have  supported
the development of the Library over the years; and
  WHEREAS,  Steeped  in  a proud and distinguished history, the Dundee
Library may take just pride  in  its  purposeful  growth,  as  it  looks
forward   to   continuing   to   serve  the  educational,  cultural  and
intellectual needs of the community; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
commemorate  the  100th  Anniversary  of  the  Dundee Library; and be it
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted to the Dundee Library.
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