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K00368 Summary:

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K00368 Text:

Senate Resolution No. 1021
BY: Senator O'MARA
        CONGRATULATING James R. Frame upon the occasion of
        his retirement after 31 years as an educator
  WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body to acknowledge the
significant milestones in the distinguished careers of those outstanding
educational   leaders,  whose  dedication  and  achievements  have  been
instrumental in developing character  and  academic  excellence  in  the
young people of New York State; and
  WHEREAS,  New  York State's commitment to education is unparalleled;
its history and stature are secured by the superlative  caliber  of  its
educational professionals and the students they inspire; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is justly proud to congratulate James
R.  Frame  upon  the  occasion  of  his  retirement after 31 years as an
educator; and
  WHEREAS, The future success of our State  and  Nation  is  dependent
upon  individuals such as James R. Frame, who have dedicated their lives
nurturing our most precious resource, our youth; and
  WHEREAS, Throughout over three decades  as  an  educator,  James  R.
Frame  continuously  strived  to  facilitate and lead public educational
reform  efforts  which  significantly  empowered  students,  staff,  and
families to succeed; and
  WHEREAS,  From July of 2005 through November of 2014, James R. Frame
served as  the  Superintendent  of  the  Odessa-Montour  Central  School
District;  under his luminous leadership, the district was recognized at
the  state,  national  and  international  level  for   its   innovative
implementation of technology in the classroom; and
  WHEREAS,  During  this  time,  James  R.  Frame  hosted  a statewide
educational  technology  conference  at  Odessa-Montour  Central  School
District,  and  was invited to present at conferences in both California
and London, England on best practices  for  the  use  of  technology  in
education; and
  WHEREAS,  On  December  1, 2014, James R. Frame assumed the title of
District Superintendent  of  Greater  Southern  Tier  (GST)  BOCES,  the
position from which he officially retired on April 8, 2021; and
  WHEREAS,  Throughout his tenure, James R. Frame built GST BOCES into
a premier BOCES in the state, known for  innovation  and  accountability
through his superlative leadership; and
  WHEREAS, James R. Frame truly cared about his staff and students and
was   committed  to  developing  and  empowering  individual  leadership
capacity, resulting in a higher level of service  to  all  involved;  he
promoted  the  great efforts of GST BOCES staff and strived to help them
understand their worth in helping students to succeed, serving  industry
with  ready-trained  workers  and  developing  relationships  which  are
proactive in serving all constituents; and
  WHEREAS,  GST  BOCES  is  built  on  the  foundation  of  integrity,
collaboration, leadership, and service,  values  which  James  R.  Frame
truly  embodies;  it  is  rare  to  find  a leader who possesses as much
compassion and commitment to modeling these values as he has; and
  WHEREAS, James R.  Frame  established  BOCES'  capacity  within  the
community  and  joined with local businesses to expand its opportunities
to  a  broader  audience;   through   these   partnerships,   innovative
programming  such  as  the  P-TECH  STEM  Academy,  expanded  Career and
Technical  Education  offerings,   and   enhancing   Special   Education
opportunities for students were developed; and
  WHEREAS, In addition to his exemplary work with the GST BOCES, James
R.   Frame   has   been   actively   involved  with  numerous  community
organizations  including  United  Way   of   Schuyler   County,   Rotary
International,  Career  Development  Council, Schuyler County Chamber of
Commerce, and Chemung County Chamber of Commerce; and
  WHEREAS, It is the practice of this Legislative Body to commend  the
efforts  of  those  individuals  who  have  worked  to support our proud
tradition of public education by providing their skills and  talents  to
our schools; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
congratulate James R. Frame upon the occasion of his retirement, and  to
wish him well in all his future endeavors; and be it further
  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to James R. Frame.
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