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K00540 Summary:

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K00540 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 540
BY: M. of A. Williams
        RECOGNIZING June 8, 2022, as World Oceans Day
  WHEREAS,  It is the custom of this Legislative Body to observe those
events of true purpose and worthy accomplishment that recognize the need
for  the  understanding  of  preserving  our  oceans,   and   instilling
educational tenets to this great Empire State; and
  WHEREAS, New York State understands the importance of preserving and
contributing to the maintenance of oceans and understands the importance
that  our oceans play in the cycle of preserving a proper balance in the
ecosystem; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is justly proud to recognize June  8,
2022, as World Oceans Day; and
  WHEREAS,  World  Oceans  Day,  which takes place every June 8th, was
originally put forward in 1992  by  Canada's  International  Centre  for
Ocean Development; and
  WHEREAS,  At the first World Oceans Day in 1992, the objectives were
to  move  the  oceans  from  the  sidelines  to  the   center   of   the
intergovernmental  and  discussions  and  policy,  and to strengthen the
voice of ocean and coastal constituencies worldwide; and
  WHEREAS, Since 2002, there has been a concerted  effort  to  promote
World  Oceans  Day  as  a unique opportunity to celebrate the ocean, our
connections, and make a real difference; and
  WHEREAS, World Oceans Day events are celebrated  on  June  8th,  the
closest weekend, the week, and the month of June; and
  WHEREAS, The day is marked in a variety of ways, including launching
new  campaigns  and  initiatives,  special events at aquariums and zoos,
outdoor  explorations,  aquatic  and  beach  cleanups,  educational  and
conservation   action   programs,  art  contests,  film  festivals,  and
sustainable seafood events; and
  WHEREAS, Youth have been  playing  an  increasingly  important  role
since  2015;  climate change is one of the most pressing problems facing
humanity and our planet; the theme for this year's World Oceans  Day,The
Ocean:  Life  & Livelihoods, gives us the chance to spread awareness and
share knowledge; and
  WHEREAS, With annual rates  of  ocean  depletion  accelerating  from
2000,  losses  have  been  driven  by megatrends such as climate change,
population increase, urbanization, particularly  of  coastal  zones  and
river  deltas,  and  changing  consumption patterns that have all fueled
changes to land and water use and to agriculture; and
  WHEREAS, If there is an outward sign about the health of our  planet
it  is  to  be  gaged by the vitality of our oceans, with New York State
bounded by the Atlantic and having so many  waterways  no  more  special
occasion can exist than World Oceans Day; and
  WHEREAS,  We  must  recognize  the importance and the life cycle our
oceans play in our daily lives; if we  are  not  to  honor  the  largest
physical  presence  on  our  planet  we will not be able to add to their
intended perpetuity and how vital our oceans are to us as humans and New
Yorkers; and
  WHEREAS, The proliferation of  pollution  and  plastics  within  our
oceans  are  beginning  to  have detrimental effects on our daily way of
life, and we must take preemptive steps to allow for the  symbiotic  and
mutual  relationship we share with our oceans to heal and to foster only
positivity for our environment;  the  importance  of  World  Oceans  Day
cannot be underscored; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
recognize June 8, 2022, as World Oceans Day; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted to World Oceans Day events throughout the State of New York.
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