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K00770 Summary:

MLTSPNSRAubry, Braunstein, Buttenschon, Cruz, Dickens, Englebright, Galef, Hevesi, Jensen, Kelles, Lavine, Lunsford, Lupardo, McDonald, Otis, Sayegh, Simon, Taylor
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K00770 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 770
BY: M. of A. Joyner
        MEMORIALIZING  Governor  Kathy  Hochul to proclaim
        April 24-30, 2022, as Infertility Awareness Week  in
        the State of New York
  WHEREAS,  The  State  of  New  York takes great pride in recognizing
official weeks established to increase awareness of serious issues  that
affect the lives of all New Yorkers; and
  WHEREAS,  This  Legislative  Body  is  justly  proud  to memorialize
Governor Kathy Hochul to proclaim  April  24-30,  2022,  as  Infertility
Awareness  Week  in  the  State  of  New  York,  in conjunction with the
observance of National Infertility Awareness Week; and
  WHEREAS, Founded in  1989,  by  RESOLVE:  The  National  Infertility
Association,  National  Infertility  Week empowers individuals to change
the conversation about infertility; and
  WHEREAS, According to the CDC, 15% of couples in America  experience
infertility;  infertility does not discriminate based on race, religion,
sexuality or economic status; and
  WHEREAS, In the past, infertility  was  commonly  considered  to  be
solely   a  female  problem;  it  is  now  recognized  that  a  couple's
infertility is just as likely to stem from problems in the male partner;
  WHEREAS, After couples with infertility undergo testing,  about  40%
of  the cases are found to stem from female factors and another 40% from
male factors; in 10% of couples, infertility factors are found  in  both
the man and woman; and
  WHEREAS,  About  6%  of married women aged 15-44 years in the United
States are unable to get pregnant after one year of trying; about 12% of
women aged 15-44 years in the  United  States  have  difficulty  getting
pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term; and
  WHEREAS,  Infertility may be caused by a myriad of factors including
genetic abnormalities, aging, acute and chronic diseases, treatments for
certain conditions, behavioral factors, and exposure  to  environmental,
occupational, and infectious agents; and
  WHEREAS,   Infertility   can  be  treated  with  medicine,  surgery,
intrauterine insemination, or assisted reproductive technology;  doctors
recommend  specific  treatments  for  infertility  on  the  basis of the
factors  contributing  to  the  infertility;   the   duration   of   the
infertility; the age of the woman; and the couple's treatment preference
after  counseling  about  success  rates,  risks,  and  benefits of each
treatment option; and
  WHEREAS,  Assisted  Reproductive  Technology  (ART)   includes   all
fertility  treatments in which both eggs and embryos are handled outside
of the body; in general, ART procedures  involve  removing  mature  eggs
from  a woman's ovaries using a needle, combining the eggs with sperm in
the laboratory, and  returning  the  embryos  to  the  woman's  body  or
donating  them  to  another  woman;  the  main  type  of ART is in vitro
fertilization (IVF); and
  WHEREAS, Infertility is much more than just a medical condition; for
many   people,   hearing  about  a  possible  infertility  diagnosis  is
overwhelming;  infertility  can  deplete  your  finances,  affect   your
personal  relationships  and  have  an  impact  on you or your partner's
emotional health; and
  WHEREAS, Since the desire to have one's own biological children  can
be  strong and compelling, the effects of infertility for individuals or
couples who are unable to conceive can be devastating;  now,  therefore,
be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
memorialize Governor Kathy Hochul to  proclaim  April  24-30,  2022,  as
Infertility Awareness Week in the State of New York; and be it further
  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to The Honorable Kathy Hochul, Governor of the State of  New
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