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K00797 Summary:

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K00797 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 797
BY: M. of A. Barrett
        COMMEMORATING  the  78th  Anniversary of the D-Day
        Invasion on June 6, 2022
  WHEREAS, June 7, 2022, will mark the 78th Anniversary of the  Allied
assault  at Normandy, France, by troops of the United States, the United
Kingdom and Canada, known as Operation Overlord; and
  WHEREAS, The naval phase of  the  Allied  assault  at  Normandy  was
coded,  Operation  Neptune, and the date June 6, 1944, is referred to as
D-Day to denote the day on which the combat attack was initiated; and
  WHEREAS, The D-Day landing was the largest combined armed amphibious
assault in history including approximately 132,600 members of the Allied
Expeditionary Force, including 57,500 members of the United States Armed
Forces,  more  than  23,000  airborne  troops  supporting  the  seaborne
landings and more than 14,000 sorties by Allied aircraft; and
  WHEREAS,  It consisted of five infantry divisions, two American, two
British, and one Canadian, assigned to beaches code named, from west  to
east Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword; and
  WHEREAS, The Americans constituted the United States 1st Army, under
Major  General  Omar  Bradley,  and  the British 2nd Army, under General
Miles Dempsey; and
  WHEREAS, The Supreme Commander of  the  Allied  Forces  was  General
Douglas D. Eisenhower; and
  WHEREAS,  Of  the approximately 10,000 Allied casualties incurred on
the first day of the landing, more than 6,000 were members of the United
States Armed Forces; and
  WHEREAS, The Allied Assault and following operations were  supported
by  ships, aircraft, and troops from Australia, Belgium, Czechoslovakia,
Free Norway, Greece, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the Polish  Armed
Forces in the West; and
  WHEREAS,  The  Normandy  campaign  was  a stunning success; by early
September 1944, all but a fraction of  France  had  been  liberated  and
American  and  British/Canadian  forces occupied Belgium and part of the
Netherlands and had reached the German frontiers; and
  WHEREAS, The State of New York owes  a  debt  of  gratitude  to  the
members   of   the   military  who  participated  in  this  historically
significant event; and
  WHEREAS, It is the sense of this Legislative Body that  when  events
of  such  historical  consequences  are  brought  to our attention, they
should be celebrated and recognized by all its  citizens  of  the  great
State of New York; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
commemorate the 78th Anniversary of the D-Day Invasion on June 6,  2022;
and be it further
  RESOLVED,  That  copies  of  this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to the National World War II Museum located in  New  Orleans
and the National D-Day Memorial located in Virginia.
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