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K00806 Summary:

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K00806 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 806
BY: M. of A. Fahy
        RECOGNIZING April 29, 2022, as Blue Friday
  WHEREAS,  It  is the sense of this Legislative Body to recognize and
honor  those  distinguished  officers  and  citizens  who  would  devote
themselves  to public service, demonstrating great courage and diligence
in providing  for  the  care  and  welfare  of  the  citizens  of  their
communities and this great Empire State; and
  WHEREAS,  Within  every community of the State of New York there are
certain individuals who, by virtue of their commitment  and  dedication,
command  the  respect  and  admiration  of  their  community  for  their
exemplary contribution and service on behalf of others; and
  WHEREAS, The State of New York takes great pride in participating in
significant dates of recognition; and
  WHEREAS, Albany radio station  WGNA  has  joined  forces  with  Blue
Friday  New  York,  BJ's Brewhouse, Ninety Nine Restaurants, Frank Gallo
Florists, Metro Ford, Saratoga Eagle and RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru  to
sponsor  and recognize April 29, 2022, as the 18th Annual Blue Friday in
honor of all law enforcement officers who have given their lives in  the
line of duty as well as all of those who still protect and serve; and
  WHEREAS,  On  August 6, 2004, Albany Police Officer Pat Fox proposed
the creation of a local chapter  of  the  National  Concerns  of  Police
Survivors  (COPS),  and  joining  with  area  law  enforcement officers,
chartered the first ever chapter of COPS in the nation; and
  WHEREAS, In 2010, the Capital Region COPS Chapter  was  incorporated
as the Blue Friday New York nonprofit organization; and
  WHEREAS,  The mission of Blue Friday New York is to help rebuild the
lives of survivors of law enforcement officers killed  in  the  line  of
duty  by  serving  as  a  clearinghouse  for federal and state benefits,
information, and resources that may be available to surviving  families;
  WHEREAS,  Each year, approximately 140 to 160 officers are killed in
the line of duty and their families and co-workers are left to cope with
the tragic loss; and
  WHEREAS, Blue Friday is a reminder to pay tribute to  those  in  the
law enforcement community who have made the ultimate sacrifice; and
  WHEREAS,  On  April  29, 2022, WGNA and Blue Friday New York will be
accepting donations at BJ's Brewhouse  on  Wolf  Road  in  Colonie,  the
Ninety  Nine  Restaurant  in  Wilton, and RC Lacy Ford Lincoln Subaru in
Catskill; and
  WHEREAS, Blue  Friday  New  York  expresses  its  gratitude  to  the
countless  individuals and longtime business partners who have supported
this program over the years and furthered its mission; and
  WHEREAS, Since 2005, Blue Friday has continued to grow with over  50
different  police  agencies  participating in the Capital District area;
  WHEREAS, The State of New York is eternally grateful for the service
of  its brave men and women in law enforcement, and applauds the efforts
of Blue Friday New York to assist the families of those  who  have  made
the ultimate sacrifice; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
recognize April 30, 2021, as Blue Friday; and be it further
  RESOLVED, That copies of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted to Pat Fox, President, Blue Friday New York, and WGNA.
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