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K00863 Summary:

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K00863 Text:

Assembly Resolution No. 863
BY: M. of A. Woerner
        HONORING  Deborah  Beahan upon the occasion of her
        designation for special recognition by the New  York
        State Office for the Aging
  WHEREAS,  Senior citizens bring a wealth of experience and knowledge
to the increasingly active roles they play  in  today's  society;  their
past  contributions  and  future  participation are a vital part of, and
valuable asset to, the fabric of community life and activity; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is  justly  proud  to  honor  Deborah
Beahan  upon  the occasion of her designation for special recognition by
the New York State Office for the Aging at its  Annual  Senior  Citizens
Day Celebration; and
  WHEREAS, Each May, the New York State Office for the Aging pauses to
acknowledge  the outstanding contributions made by older citizens during
National Older Americans Month; and
  WHEREAS, Members of older generations have helped  build  and  shape
our  Nation  to  be  the  greatest  in the world; they have defended our
freedoms and values to ensure that those who come after  them  may  have
better  lives; nowhere in the Nation is the legacy of their efforts more
visible and more a part of the lives of all citizens than  here  in  the
State of New York; and
  WHEREAS,  A  native New Yorker, Deborah "Debbie" Beahan was born and
raised along with her two brothers and one sister  in  Ticonderoga,  New
York by her parents, Adolph and Helen Diskin; and
  WHEREAS,  In  1974,  Deborah  Beahan  and  her two children moved to
Hudson Falls, New York; a public servant in Washington County  for  more
than  three decades, she worked for the Department of Motor Vehicles for
20 years and spent 12 years as County Clerk; and
  WHEREAS, While working at  DMV,  Debbie  met  her  beloved  husband,
Thomas,  with  whom  she  shared 33 wonderful years until his passing in
2015; and
  WHEREAS, Called upon to contribute her time and talents to countless
civic and charitable endeavors,  Deborah  Beahan  has  always  given  of
herself unstintingly; and
  WHEREAS,  Deborah Beahan began volunteering for the Special Olympics
in the 1980s as a coach for bowling and track and field;  she  has  also
been  involved with the Heart Fund and was the Treasurer for a political
Washington County Women's Club; and
  WHEREAS,  With  a  steadfast  and  unwavering  commitment   to   her
community,  Deborah  Beahan helped and participated in the Breast Cancer
Walk, and served on the local Public Health Committee; and
  WHEREAS, For  the  past  nine  years,  Deborah  Beahan  has  been  a
dedicated  volunteer  at  the  Senior  Center  of the Kingsbury and Fort
Edward Area, Inc., where she is an integral part of its busy  day-to-day
operations,  coordinating  programs,  activities  and  fundraisers,  and
serving as a meal site manager; and
  WHEREAS,  Furthermore,  she  serves  as  President  on  the Board of
Directors for the Senior Center of the Kingsbury and  Fort  Edward  Area
and  is  the  center's  OsteoBusters  program leader with the AmeriCorps
Seniors/Warren/Washington RSVP volunteers; and
  WHEREAS,  This  extraordinary  woman  is  also  a  Cardio   Drumming
Instructor,  and  during the pandemic, she kept all the members informed
about COVID-19 testing and vaccination  information;  in  addition,  she
procured  and  installed  the  "My Senior Center" software program which
reports  membership,  personnel,  events,  meals,   and   transportation
statistics; and
  WHEREAS,  Throughout  the  entire period of her community service, a
period of constructive involvement, has stood constant in dignity,  good
grace  and  humor;  in  1999, she was honored by the Department of Motor
Vehicles for  her  hard  work,  dedication,  and  contributions  to  her
community; and
  WHEREAS, With her throughout have been her daughter, Rachel (Jason),
her  son,  Brian,  and two grandchildren, Isabella and Aidan, as well as
two step-children, Beth and Stephanie, three  step-grandchildren,  Matt,
Tony  and  Morgan,  and  four step-great-grandchildren, all of whom feel
privileged  to  be  a  part  of  her  life  and  rejoice  in  her   many
achievements; and
  WHEREAS,  Rare  indeed  is  the  impressive  dedication  shown by an
individual for the benefit of others which Deborah Beahan has  displayed
throughout her life; and
  WHEREAS,  Deborah  Beahan,  a very active and industrious woman, has
inspired and  enriched  the  lives  of  those  she  serves  through  her
volunteerism,  generously  sharing  the  wisdom  gained  over  years  of
experiencing life to its fullest; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED, That this Legislative Body pause in its  deliberations  to
honor  Deborah  Beahan  upon the occasion of her designation for special
recognition by the New York State  Office  for  the  Aging;  and  be  it
  RESOLVED,  That  a  copy  of this Resolution, suitably engrossed, be
transmitted to Deborah Beahan.
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