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K00875 Summary:

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K00875 Text:

Senate Resolution No. 1830
BY: Senator O'MARA
        COMMENDING  Rebecca  Bly  upon the occasion of her
        designation as 2023 Seneca County Woman of the  Year
        by the Seneca County Women's Coalition
  WHEREAS,  Individuals  who give of their time and energies and serve
the best interests of their communities are an asset beyond remuneration
and cannot be sufficiently extolled; and
  WHEREAS, Rebecca Bly has given not only of her time and energies but
also of her competence, intelligence, and leadership, consequently being
designated for this special honor; and
  WHEREAS, This Legislative Body is justly proud  to  commend  Rebecca
Bly  upon the occasion of her designation as 2023 Seneca County Woman of
the Year to be celebrated at a charity banquet at  the  Gould  Hotel  in
Seneca Falls, New York, on Saturday, March 16, 2024; and
  WHEREAS, In 1991, Rebecca "Becky" Bly relocated to Seneca Falls, the
"Birthplace  of  Women's  Rights"; she opened a retail storefront called
WomanMade  Products  which  offers   her   original   T-shirt   designs,
handcrafted  jewelry  and  glassware,  woven  baskets,  and  many  other
international fair-trade items; additionally, she provides custom screen
printing  for  local   businesses,   schools,   clubs,   and   community
organizations; and
  WHEREAS,  Rebecca  Bly  does not own a business to generate a profit
for herself; instead, she helps women and girls to feel  empowered;  she
always  pursues  opportunities  to assist others and volunteers her time
and talents to build not only her venture but also her community; and
  WHEREAS, This accomplished honoree is a founding  member  of  Seneca
Falls  Performing  Arts Center which will be the recipient of the entire
proceeds from this year's banquet; the revenue will fund the addition of
an entertainment/conference center to the town; and
  WHEREAS, As Past President and/or Past Vice President of the  Seneca
Falls  Downtown  Business  Association,  Rebecca  Bly  has  successfully
recommenced the annual Canal Fest, now celebrating its eighth year;  she
continues  to  assist  in  the  production  of the It's a Wonderful Life
Festival which attracts thousands of visitors,  fostering  donations  to
numerous food pantries in the Seneca Falls area; and
  WHEREAS, Recognized for her numerous Theatre Association of New York
State  (TANYS)  awards, Rebecca Bly is a significant board member of the
Seneca  Community  Players,  cooperating  with  several   not-for-profit
organizations  in  Seneca  Falls  to  acquire capital by depicting their
stories through an event called Calendar Girls; and
  WHEREAS, Rebecca Bly is an integral member of Women March in  Seneca
Falls  which  attracted  approximately  30,000  people  to the community
throughout the previous four years; she  was  also  influential  in  the
creation  of  a  national  event  to  promote  voting  in 2020, focusing
attention on the birthplace of women's rights; other rallies for women's
rights,  including  Convention  Days  in  July  of  2023,  have  brought
dignitaries to Seneca Falls for a celebration of its heritage; and
  WHEREAS,  Throughout  the  duration  of  her  service,  a  period of
constructive involvement, Rebecca Bly has stood constant in dignity  and
good grace; and
  WHEREAS,  Rare  indeed  is  the  impressive  dedication  shown by an
individual for the benefit of others which  Rebecca  Bly  has  displayed
throughout her life; now, therefore, be it
  RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
commend Rebecca Bly upon the occasion of her designation as 2023  Seneca
County  Woman of the Year by the Seneca County Women's Coalition; and be
it further
  RESOLVED, That a copy of this  Resolution,  suitably  engrossed,  be
transmitted to Rebecca Bly.
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