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S02609 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2013-2014 state fiscal year; relates to the temporary metropolitan transportation business tax surcharge; relates to the empire state film production credit and to the empire state film post production credit; relates to reports; establishes the New York business incubator and innovation hot spot support act; relates to extending for three years the charitable contributions deduction limitation; relates to the exclusion of certain royalty payments from the entire net income or other taxable basis of corporations, banking corporations, and insurance corporations, from the unrelated business income of corporations, and from the adjusted gross income of individual taxpayers; relates to the historic preservation tax credit; provides a tax credit for electric vehicle recharging property; relates to extending provisions relating to mandatory electronic filing of tax documents and improving sales tax compliance; relates to restrictions on funds of the industrial development agency and relates to industrial development agencies and authorities; relates to expanding the exemption of CNG in the sales tax to include natural gas purchased and used to produce CNG for use exclusively and directly in the engine of a motor vehicle; relates to allowing voluntary ambulance services, fire companies, fire departments and rescue squads to claim reimbursement of the petroleum business tax for fuel used in their vehicles; relates to increasing the penalty for the possession of unstamped and unlawfully stamped cigarettes; relates to the suspension of drivers' licenses of persons who are delinquent in the payment of past-due tax liabilities; relates to serving an income execution with respect to individual tax debtors without filing a warrant; relates to vendor fees paid to vendor tracks; relates to licenses for simulcasting facilities, sums relating to track simulcast, simulcast of out-of-state thoroughbred races, simulcasting of races run by out-of-state harness tracks and distributions of wagers; extends certain provisions of law; relates to the credit for the rehabilitation of historic homes; relates to allowing certain tax-free interdistributor sales of highway diesel motor fuel; relates to updating the farming exemption in the highway use tax to reflect current industry practice; relates to providing a subtraction from income for small businesses and small farms; relates to providing tax cuts to manufacturers; relates to adding a hire a vet credit; relates to extending the temporary state energy and utility conservation assessment; relates to a credit for middle income taxpayers with children; relates to the New York youth works tax credit program; relates to adding a minimum wage reimbursement credit; relates to personal income tax rates; relates to the gift for New York state teen health education fund; relates to establishing the New York state teen health education fund; relates to eligible businesses participating in the excelsior linked deposit program; relates to small business loan funds for business enterprises that are minority- and women-owned; and relates to establishing a New York state innovation capital fund.
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