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A09708 Summary:

SPONSOREnglebright (MS)
COSPNSRWeinstein, Colton, Cohen M, Millman, McLaughlin, Galef, Cohen A, Clark, Eddington, Seddio, GuntherA, Cymbrowitz, Dinowitz, Jacobs, Robinson
MLTSPNSRAbbate, Alfano, Brennan, Christensen, Destito, Diaz R, Gordon, Grannis, Grodenchik, Gromack,Hooper, Lafayette, Lavelle, Magee, McEneny, O'Donnell, Ortiz, Pheffer, Ramos, Rivera J,Scarborough, Sidikman, Towns, Weisenberg, Wright
Enacts Chap 35-A (Consolidated Laws), Elder L; rpld Arts 19-J & 19-K, SS163-a, 844-b & 846, ExecL; amd S140.10, CP L; amd SS41 & 351, Priv Hous Fin L; amd SS2803-f, 2807-v & 3617, Pub Health L
Relates to constituting chapter 35 of the consolidated laws, Elder Law, and to amend the executive law in relation to programs and services for the elderly; consolidates current sections and articles of law dealing with the elderly into one new body of law, the Elder Law.
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