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S06359 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2014-2015 state fiscal year; relates to the reformation of the taxation on business corporations; allows direct payment of STAR savings; extends fees for the establishment of oil and gas unit of production value; modifies signature requirements on e-filed returns; extends the non-custodial parent earned income tax credit for two years; closes the resident trust loophole; repeals the additional minimum personal income tax; establishes an enhanced real property tax circuit breaker; modifies delivery of the family tax relief credit; extends the empire state commercial production tax credit; authorizes additional credits for the low income housing credit; establishes a twenty percent real property tax credit for manufacturers and eliminates the net income tax on upstate manufacturers; repeals the franchise tax on agriculture cooperatives; provides a refundable credit for telecommunications excise taxes on START-UP NY; enhances the youth works tax credit; extends the alternative fuels tax exemption; simplifies the distribution of motor vehicle fee receipts; relates to comprehensive estate tax reform; extends Monticello raceway video lottery terminal rates for one year; extends certain tax rates and certain simulcasting provisions; extends VLG vendors capital awards program; aligns mobility and personal income tax filings for the self-employed; relates to commercial gaming; provides a two-year property tax freeze through a refundable personal income tax credit; extends certain New York city tax exemptions; relates to a musical theatrical production credit; increases the sales tax exemption threshold amount for vending machines; increases film production credit benefits for films produced in certain counties; relates to the length of service awards; creates a third region for the prepayment of motor fuel taxes; establishes the workers with disabilities tax credit program; provides tax incentives to employers for employing individuals with developmental disabilities; allows a STAR lookback period for widows and widowers; relates to health insurance for jockeys.
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