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A03006 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the education, labor and family assistance budget for state fiscal year 2015 - 2016; relates to school aid (Part A); relates to creating the New York state get on your feet loan forgiveness program (Part C); relates to creating a standard financial aid award letter (Part F) ; relates to increasing the standards of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons living in the community (Part I); relates to certain contracts with the office of children and family services; relates to the possession of a gun on school grounds by a student; relates to persons in need of supervision or youthful offenders; relates to making provisions permanent in relating to authorizing the board of cooperative educational services to enter into contracts with the commissioner of children and family services (Part J); relates to state reimbursement and subsidies for the adoption of children (Part K); relates to implementing provisions required by the federal preventing sex trafficking and strengthening families act (Part L); relates to utilizing reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing purposes (Part M); relates to authorized absences by healthcare professionals who volunteer to fight the Ebola virus disease oversees (Part O); relates to eliminating certain fees charged by the department of labor (Part P); relates to requiring experiential learning as a requirement for graduation (Part Q); relates to the New York state higher education matching grant program for independent colleges and the effectiveness thereof (Part R); relates to the project notification fee imposed for asbestos removal (Part S); relates to extending provisions of law relating to the operation and administration of the legislature (Part T); relates to the creation of the SUNY DSRIP escrow fund (Part U); relates to the tuition assistance program for students with disabilities (Part V); relates to the investment of contributions to a family tuition account (Part W); relates to the allocation of funds from the foster youth college success initiative (Part X); relates to the offering of associate of occupational studies degrees by community colleges (Part Y); relates to establishing the New York state achievement and investment in merit scholarship (Part Z); relates to a program to provide tax incentives for employers employing at risk youth (Part AA); relates to the eligibility for participation in the brownfield cleanup program, relates to brownfield opportunity areas; relates to brownfield redevelopment tax credits; relates to remediated brownfield credit for real property taxes for qualified sites and environmental remediation insurance credits, in relation to tax credits for certain sites; relates to hazardous waste generator fees and taxes; relates to the environmental restoration program; relates to limitations on liability; relates to certain environmental restoration projects (Part BB); relates to reporting and disclosure and per diem and travel expenses (Part CC); relates to the public integrity reform act and the joint commission on public ethics (Part DD); enacts the education transformation act of 2015 (Part EE).
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