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A03009 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Relates to the New York city personal income tax rates; relates to recouping savings retrospectively from unlawfully claimed exemptions removed during re-registration process; authorizes homeowners who registered for the STAR exemption, but failed to file timely exemption applications with their local assessors, to receive the benefit for the 2014 exemption; makes permanent the itemized deduction limitation applicable to incomes of ten million dollars or greater; amends the personal income and MTA mobility tax statutes for technical changes; adds a reporting requirement to the commercial production tax credit; relates to the Excelsior Jobs Program and significant capital investments; creates the employee training incentive program tax credit within the excelsior tax credit program; imposes tax on wireless telecommunications businesses pursuant to sections 184 and 184-a of the tax law; incorporates the DOS biennial statement requirement into the corporate tax return; makes corrections to the corporate tax reform provisions; and repeals certain provisions of the tax law relating thereto; exempts certain items or tangible personal property furnished to customers by certain cider producers, breweries, and distilleries at tastings; relates to the imposition of the sales and compensating use tax on prepaid mobile calling services; expands the solar panel state and local sales and use tax exemptions; allows a reimbursement of the petroleum business tax for highway diesel motor fuel used in farm production; calculates the estate tax imposed under the tax rate table, clarifies the phase out date for certain gift add backs and disallows deductions relating to intangible personal property for estates of non-resident decedents; relates to warrantless income execution provisions; relates to capital awards to vendor tracks; relates to licenses for simulcast facilities, sums relating to track simulcast, simulcast of out-of-state thoroughbred races, simulcasting of races run by out-of-state harness tracks and distributions of wagers; extends certain provisions relating to simulcasting and the imposition of certain taxes; relates to video lottery gaming; relates to a franchised corporation; relates to a use tax on boats; relates to an aircraft sales tax exemption; relates to a jockey's workers compensation fund; relates to VTL vendor fee rates; and relates to the MTA payroll tax.
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