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S06012 Summary:

Amd S17, Chap 576 of 1974; amd SS1, 2, 2-a & 4, Emerg Hous Rent Cont L; amd S2, Chap 329 of 1963; amd S10, Chap 555 of 1982; amd S4, Chap 402 of 1983; amd S46, Chap 116 of 1997; amd SS5, 10, 5-a, 12 & 6, Emerg Ten Prot Act of 1974; amd NYC Ad Cd, generally; amd Part A S13, Chap 97 of 2011; amd RPT L, generally; amd S27, Chap 4 of 2013; amd SS282-a & 284, Mult Dwell L; amd SS1115, 606, 1210, 1262-e & 1202, Tax L; amd Part C S2, Chap 2 of 2005; amd Gen City L, generally; amd Ed L, generally; amd S34, Chap 91 of 2002; amd S17, Chap 345 of 2009; amd S11, Dom Rel L; amd Part K S3, Chap 59 of 2014; amd S3-c, Gen Muni L; amd S401, V & T L
Relates to rent control provisions; limits the rent increase after vacancy of a housing accommodation; relates to the adjustment of maximum allowable rent; extends certain provisions relating to specially eligible premises and special rebates, eligibility periods, requirements, benefit periods and applications for abatements; authorizes the division of housing and community renewal to establish a tenant protection unit; relates to interim multiple dwellings (Part A); relates to charter schools; makes an appropriation to the education department for reimbursement to non-public schools; relates to the release of standardized test questions and answers, teacher evaluations and establishing a content review committee; relates to mayoral control; determines who may solemnize a marriage (Part B); establishes a property tax relief credit (Part C); appropriates funds for certain services and expenses.
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