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S07509 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation which are necessary to implement the state fiscal plan for the 2018-2019 state fiscal year; makes the STAR income verification program mandatory; relates to the calculation of income for basic STAR purposes; repeals subparagraphs (v) and (vi) of paragraph (b) of subdivision 4, paragraphs (b) and (c) of subdivision 5 and paragraph (c) of subdivision 6 of section 425 of the real property tax law relating to the school tax relief (STAR) exemption; and repeals section 171-o of the tax law relating to income verification for a city with a population of one million or more (Part B); makes technical corrections to various statutes impacting property taxes and repeals certain sections of law relating thereto (Part E); relates to assessment ceilings for local public utility mass real property, in relation to the effectiveness thereof (Part G); relates to the statute of limitations for assessing tax on amended tax returns (Part H); provides for employee wage reporting consistency between the department of taxation and finance and the department of labor by adjusting certain reporting periods (Part I); relates to sales and compensating use taxes imposed on food and beverages sold by restaurants and similar establishments, exempting sales for resale from such taxes (Part J); relates to sharing with the comptroller information regarding unwarranted fixed and final debt (Part K); relates to the definition of resident for tax purposes of the personal income tax (Part O); establishes that any reference to section 24 of the Internal revenue code shall be a reference to such section as it existed immediately prior to the enactment of Public Law-115-97 (Part P); extends the hire a veteran credit for an additional two years (Part Q); relates to the New York youth job program (Part R); relates to exempting from sales and use tax certain veterinary drugs and medicines and removing the refund/credit therefor (Part W); provides relief from sales tax liability for certain partners of a limited partnership and members of a limited liability company (Part X); relates to extending the revenue distribution provisions for the additional rates of sales and use tax of Genesee, Monroe, Onondaga and Orange counties (Part Z); relates to adjusting the franchise payment; establishes an advisory committee to review the structure, operations and funding of equine drug testing and research (Part EE); relates to the sums of pertaining to simulcast of out-of-state thoroughbred races, simulcasting of races run by out-of-state harness tracks and licenses for simulcast facilities (Part GG); relates to the commercial gaming revenue fund; and repeals subdivision 4 of section 97-nnnn of the state finance law relating to base year gaming revenue (Part HH); addresses changes made to the internal revenue code (Part JJ); relates to federal gross income and federal deductions allowed pursuant to the internal revenue code; and relates to the taxation of business corporations (Part KK); establishes the charitable gifts trust fund and the health charitable account, and the elementary and secondary education charitable account; relates to credits for contributions to accounts in the charitable gifts trust fund; authorizes school districts, counties and New York city to establish charitable funds; and authorizes such localities to provide a credit against real property taxes for such contributions (Part LL); establishes the employer compensation expense program (Part MM); relates to the New York Jockey Injury Compensation Fund, Inc.; creates a separate account for the horsemen's organization for the purposes of collateral to secure workers' compensation insurance coverage (Part NN); relates to the disposition of net revenue (Part OO); relates to the state low income housing credit (Part PP); extends certain tax rates (Part QQ); relates to the credit for rehabilitation of historical properties (Part RR); relates to the personal income tax on residents of the city of New York (Part SS); relates to capital awards to vendor tracks (Part TT); relates to the disposition of certain proceeds collected by the commissioner of motor vehicles, the disposition of certain fees and assessments, and certain funds; repeals subdivision 5 of section 317 of the vehicle and traffic law relating to certain assessments charged and collected by the commissioner of motor vehicles; repeals subdivision 6 of section 423-a of the vehicle and traffic law relating to funds collected by the department of motor vehicles from the sale of certain assets; and repeals subdivision 4 of section 94 of the transportation law relating to certain fees collected by the commissioner of transportation (Part UU); relates to funding of capital and operating costs related to projects in the MTA New York city subway action plan (Part VV); utilizes reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing purposes; authorizes the homeless housing and assistance corporation with the office of temporary and disability assistance to administer the sum of two million dollars; further authorizes the state of New York municipal bond bank agency to provide the sum not to exceed nine million dollars to the city of Albany; increases the number of supreme court justices in judicial districts 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 (Part XX); increases the standards of monthly need for aged, blind and disabled persons living in the community (Part YY); establishes a rental subsidy for public assistance recipients living with HIV/AIDS (Part ZZ); relates to funding local government entities from the urban development corporation (Part AAA); provides for the administration of certain funds and accounts related to the 2018-19 budget and authorizes certain payments and transfers; relates to payments, transfers and deposits; relates to funding project costs undertaken by non-public schools; relates to funding project costs for certain capital projects; relates to the financing of the correctional facilities improvement fund and the youth facility improvement fund, in relation to the issuance of bonds; relates to housing program bonds and notes; establishes the dedicated highway and bridge trust fund, in relation to the issuance of bonds; relates to the issuance of bonds by the dormitory authority; relates to issuance of bonds by the urban development corporation; relates to the issuance of bonds; relates to the state environmental infrastructure projects; increases the aggregate amount of bonds to be issued by the New York state urban development corporation; relates to financing of peace bridge and transportation capital projects; relates to dormitories at certain educational institutions other than state operated institutions and statutory or contract colleges under the jurisdiction of the state university of New York; relates to bonds and mental health facilities improvement notes; increases the bonding limit for certain public protection facilities; authorizes certain payments and transfers, in relation to the effectiveness thereof; increases the amount of authorized matching capital grants; increases the amount of bonds authorized to be issued; authorizes the issuance of bonds in relation to grants made to voluntary agencies; and provides for the repeal of certain provisions upon expiration thereof (Part BBB); relates to contracts for excellence and the apportionment of public moneys; relates to the reporting of teacher diversity; relates to teaching tolerance; relates to reporting requirements of school level funding; relates to supplemental public excess cost aid; relates to total foundation aid; relates to building aid; relates to full day kindergarten aid; relates to academic enhancement aid; relates to high tax aid; relates to universal pre-kindergarten aid; relates to the statewide universal full-day pre-kindergarten program; relates to state aid adjustments; relates to the teachers of tomorrow teacher recruitment and retention program; relates to class sizes for special classes containing certain students with disabilities; relates to reimbursements for the 2018-2019 school year; relates to withholding a portion of employment preparation education aid and relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to funding a program for work force education conducted by the consortium for worker education in New York city; relates to employment preparation education programs; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to state aid to school districts and the appropriation of funds for the support of government; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to supplementary funding for dedicated programs for public school students in the East Ramapo central school district; relates to the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to conditional appointment of school district, charter school or BOCES employees; relates to the expiration of provisions of law relating to certain provisions related to the 1994-95 state operations, aid to localities, capital projects and debt service budgets; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to the provision of supplemental educational services, attendance at a safe public school and the suspension of pupils who bring a firearm to or possess a firearm at a school; relates to the effectiveness of provisions relating to implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; relates to the expiration to provisions relating to providing that standardized test scores shall not be included on a student's permanent record; relates to requiring the commissioner of education to include certain information in the official score report of all students; relates to school bus driver training; relates to special apportionment for salary expenses and public pension accruals; relates to sub-allocations of appropriations; relates to the city school district of the city of Rochester; relates to total foundation aid for the purpose of the development, maintenance or expansion of certain magnet schools or magnet school programs for the 2017-2018 school year; relates to the support of public libraries; relates to certain apportionments; and relates to transportation aid (Part CCC); relates to the utilization of reserves in the mortgage insurance fund for various housing purposes (Part DDD); relates to an online application system for taxpayers to submit claims for reimbursements of certain payments (Part EEE); relates to establishing the health care transformation fund (Subpart A); and authorizes the commissioner the health to redeploy excess reserves of certain not-for-profit managed care organizations (Subpart B) (Part FFF); extends expiration of payments to members of the assembly serving in a special capacity; extends provisions relating to the operation and administration of the assembly (Part GGG); establishes a compensation committee to determine the appropriate salaries for members of the legislature and certain state officials; repealer (Part HHH); amends chapter 59 of the laws of 2014, amending the tax law relating to a musical and theatrical production credit, in relation to extending the provisions thereof (Part III); establishes the "Democracy Protection Act" relating to disclosure of the identities of political committees making certain expenditures for political communications (Part JJJ); establishes the New York City Rikers Island Jail Complex Replacement act; and provides for the repeal of such provisions (Part KKK); establishes the New York city public housing authority modernization investment act; repealer (Part LLL); enacts the "New York Penn Station redevelopment act" (Part MMM); relates to transportation services; establishes the New York city transportation assistance fund and the supplemental revenue transparency program; relates to the installation of mobile bus lane photo devices on buses operating on certain rapid transit routes in the borough of Manhattan and the disposition of revenue from fines and penalties collected from the use of such stationary bus lane photo devices; establishes the metropolitan transportation sustainability advisory workgroup and provides for the repeal of such provision (Part NNN); relates to the minority and women-owned business enterprise program (Part OOO); establishes the "New York City housing authority emergency management act" and relates to the development and execution of a plan to remediate conditions affecting the health and safety of tenants of the New York city housing authority (Part PPP); establishes the New York city BQE Design Build Act (Part QQQ); relates to union dues and the duty of fair representation (Part RRR); relates to substantial equivalence for nonpublic elementary and secondary schools (Part SSS); relates to the possession of weapons by domestic violence offenders (Part TTT); and relates to the health care facility transformation program (Part UUU).
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