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A02007 Summary:

Amd Various Laws, generally
Enacts into law major components of legislation necessary to implement the state health and mental hygiene budget for the 2019-2020 state fiscal year; extends and enhances the Medicaid drug cap and reduces unnecessary pharmacy benefit manager costs to the Medicaid program (Part B); relates to extension of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (Part C); amends chapter 59 of the laws of 2011 in relation to extending the Medicaid global cap (Part D); extends certain provisions of the public health law and the social services law relating to health facilities, certified home health agencies, the general public health work program, state fund medical expenditures, hospital assessments, residential health care facilities, administrative costs, welfare reform, Medicaid, and special needs plans (Part E); extends certain provisions relating to excess coverage (Part F); relates to fiscal intermediary services for the consumer directed personal assistance program; relates to payments to home care aides; establishes a residential health care facilities case mix adjustment workgroup; and repeals certain provisions of the social services law relating thereto (Part G); relates to waivers of certain regulations and to certain rates and payment methodologies; and repeals certain provisions of the public health law relating thereto (Part H); relates to guaranteed availability of health insurance and coverage for pre-existing conditions (Subpart A); relates to actuarial value requirements and essential health benefits (Subpart B); relates to prescription drug coverage (Subpart C); prohibits discrimination based on sex and gender identity (Subpart D)(Part J); relates to the effectiveness of certain provisions relating to payments from the medical indemnity fund (Part K); includes iatrogenic infertility under in-vitro fertilization insurance coverage (Part L); requires medical, major medical, or similar comprehensive type coverage health insurance policies to include certain reproductive health coverage; and clarifies the definition of voluntary sterilization procedures and over-the-counter contraceptive products (Part M); relates to the general public health work program (Part O); relates to lead levels (Part P); relates to the healthcare facility transformation program state III authorizing additional awards for statewide II applications (Part Q); codifies the creation of NY state of health, the official health plan marketplace (Part T); relates to private pay protocols for programs and services administered by the office for the aging (Part U); implements certain compliance requirements on managed care organizations and providers participating in the Medicaid program (Part V); relates to the recovery of exempt income by the office of mental health for community residence treatment programs (Part W); relates to a cost of living adjustment for designated human services programs (Part Y); relates to integrated services (Part Z); relates to mental health and substance use disorder health insurance parity (Subpart A); relates to hospital policies for substance use disorder treatment (Subpart B); relates to court ordered substance use disorder treatment (Subpart D)(Part BB); extends an exemption from requiring direct observation and evaluation of certain temporary employees (Part EE); extends provisions related to the New York state health insurance continuation assistance demonstration project (Part FF); provides funding to programs providing opioid treatment and other services operated by the New York state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services or certain agencies (Part GG); relates to grants awarded for classic NORC programs (Part HH); extends the operation and administration of legislative commissions (Part II); authorizes the dormitory authority to transfer certain funds repaid by borrowers relating to restructuring pool loans (Part JJ); and directs the department of health to conduct a study in relation to staffing enhancement and patient safety (Part KK).
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