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A07339 Summary:

COSPNSRColton, Otis, Durso, Gandolfo, Simone, Rosenthal L, De Los Santos, Reyes, Dinowitz, Simon, Stern, Thiele, Jacobson, Bores, Rozic, Rajkumar, Steck, McMahon, Anderson, Kim, Gunther, O'Donnell, Shimsky, Lunsford, Santabarbara, Epstein, Barrett, Forrest, Taylor, Clark, Bichotte Hermelyn, Carroll, Paulin, Seawright, Shrestha, Lavine, Burgos, Slater, Cunningham, Sayegh, Magnarelli, Levenberg, Brown K, Woerner, Ardila, Sillitti, Raga, Solages, Vanel, Gonzalez-Rojas, Benedetto, Jackson, Pretlow, Rivera, Fahy, Tapia, Jones, Stirpe, Lupardo, Meeks, McDonald, Conrad, Lee, Bronson, Wallace, Buttenschon, Pheffer Amato, Davila, Burke, Joyner, Fall, Aubry, Hunter, Williams, Eachus, Ramos, Bendett, Burdick, Mamdani, Alvarez, Darling, Kelles, DeStefano, McGowan
Amd Art 27 Art Head, Title 18 Title Head, §§27-1801, 27-1803, 27-1807, 27-1809 & 27-1811, En Con L
Relates to rechargeable battery recycling; adds a battery used as the principal electric power source for an electric scooter or bicycle with electric assist to the definition of "rechargeable battery"; provides that a battery manufacturer may not sell, offer for sale, or distribute rechargeable batteries in the state unless the battery manufacturer is implementing or participating under an approved plan; allows a city with a population of one million or more to enforce through its own agencies.
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