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A07690 Summary:

Rpld 8-308 sub 2, amd El L, generally
Relates to the presidential primary, to provide for the election of delegates to a national party convention or a national party conference in 2024; schedules the presidential primary election for April 2, 2024; updates the political calendar accordingly; requires cure affirmations for curing ballots to be received by the board of elections no later than 7 business days after the board's mailing of the curable rejection notice or the day before the election, whichever is later; provides that any write-in vote for a candidate whether or not such candidate's name is on the ballot for that contest shall be counted for such candidate unless such write-in vote creates an invalid overvote in the contest; allows ballot envelopes without a postmark to be a curable defect; requires additional attestations to cure such defect; relates to the ability and proceeding to contest certain certificates to fill a vacancy in a designation; provides that absentee ballots may be canvassed at the poll site on election day; provides that no board of elections shall commence a full manual recount of a particular contest unless and until such board has completed and announced the results of the recanvas otherwise required, for each applicable election district.
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