Welcome Letter

Dear Neighbor,

Welcome to my Website! You can use this site for updates on the work that I am doing within our community and the work that I do while I am at the State Capitol in Albany. This site is a great tool to use to become a more informed and active citizen at the state and local level. The telephone numbers to my offices, as well as my personal e-mail address, can be found on this website. My hardworking Brooklyn and Albany staff members are always happy to help you with your questions and concerns.

I believe that the key to a successful and prosperous state always starts in the community. I am here to be your voice at the state government level and fight for the common goals that we all share as responsible and engaged citizens.

The single most important issue we face year after year is providing for the education of our children. Educating our children is best investment the state can provide, as it provides hope and opportunity for our youth, while ensuring the continued strength of our great cities and state.

Taking care of our community’s senior citizens and other neighbors on fixed incomes is a priority of mine. This includes the annual fight for affordable and quality healthcare. I am dedicated to making sure our seniors can purchase their prescription drugs at our neighborhood pharmacies, without having to make drastic sacrifices to other vital necessities that define a happy and fulfilled life in our golden years.

Fighting for affordable housing in our communities is another top priority of mine. Years ago I fought to stop landlords from neglecting to repair aging apartment buildings, while raising rents on their working-class residents. Now, I am fighting for stronger rent regulations and the improvement of SCRIE benefits, so that we can continue to keep our elderly and working-class citizens in their homes and communities.

As a member of the Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee and former Chair of the Legislative Commission on Solid Waste Management, I am actively involved in the preservation of our environment. I understand that a clean environment means clean water to drink, clean air to breathe, and better health for our community and wildlife.

Please feel free to explore my website and read my legislation and my issue papers that I have posted. I look forward to listening to your thoughts and suggestions, and working with you to make our community and state reach its full potential.