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Assembly Member Asks Incoming Mayor to Help Rid Streets of Rats

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Advocates, Attorneys Push Back Against Plan to Transfer Women and Transgender People Off Rikers

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Chick-fil-A Dispute at Thruway Rest Stops Splitting Along Partisan Lines

Assembly Members Protest Planned Chick-fil-As in Thruway Rest Stops

A Look Back: 10 Year Anniversary of Same-Sex Marriage in NY

The New York Legislator who passed statewide marriage equality pushes for the Gender Reconciliation Act

Celebrating10 years of same sex marriage in New York

They Fought for Gay Marriage. A Decade Later, Advocates Reflect on the 'Herculean Feat.'

The Lawmaker Behind New York's Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Recalls the 'Blood and Guts' It Took to Pass It 10 Years Ago

Cuomo signs Gender Recognition Act to aid nonbinary NYers