Assembly Members Malliotakis and Reilly Pushing Legislation to End Cuomo's Emergency Powers

Assembly members Nicole Malliotakis and Mike Reilly have joined Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay and members of the Assembly Minority Conference in pushing legislation to end Gov. Cuomo’s executive powers and allow county executives more control over state-of-emergency declarations in their counties. The legislation was crafted to restore checks and balances for emergency declarations in the state exceeding 45 days.

The legislation includes but is not limited to:

  • All future state-of-emergency declarations would be done on a county-by-county basis, with specific examples and reasons for the counties’ state-of-emergency declarations;
  • All emergency declarations would be for a period of 30 days, which could be extended by 15 days by the governor. Any further extension would require legislative approval;
  • County executives, county board of supervisors’ chairpersons, or the mayor of New York City could request the state of emergency be lifted from their county. If the governor refuses, he would have to provide reasons why; and
  • All future executive orders that limit freedom of speech, assembly, worship, the loss of liberty or property or any fundamental constitutional right would be subject to judicial review.

“The governor has overused his powers to the extent of authoritarian-type leadership, and it is past time to reinstate the powers of the Legislature to ensure citizens from all corners of our state have their voices heard. We are duly elected by the public to represent their interests and serve as checks and balances to the Executive branch,” the lawmakers said.