Malliotakis Slams Automatic Registration Without Safeguards; Calls on Gov. Cuomo To Veto It

July 23, 2020

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis (R,C,I-Brooklyn, Staten Island) is sounding the alarm about a bill passed today that lacks the proper safeguards to prevent non-citizens from being registered to vote in our elections.

“Not only is New York state now providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, the Majority-controlled Legislature just voted to automatically register those who apply for a driver’s license to vote unless they are forthcoming about their status as a non-citizen and opt out. As confirmed by the bill sponsor in today’s debate, even an application completed with an individual furnishing a foreign passport or document as proof of identity will be forwarded to the State Board of Elections for registration. Obviously, this will lead to individuals who are not eligible being registered, and the fact that they included provisions in the bill to make clear that there will be no criminal penalty for those who “accidentally” register or vote proves that they anticipate this to be a problem. There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system and ensuring that only U.S. citizens vote and elect their representatives. This careless legislation compromises that and Gov. Cuomo should veto it,” said Malliotakis.

The law passed last year to provide driver licenses to illegal immigrants has already caused concern among county clerks across the state. Erie County Clerk Mickey Kerns recently voiced his concerns that under the Federal Motor Voter Law of 1993, those applying for their driver license are asked if they want to register regardless of the documentation, they used to prove identity. If made law, the bill passed today would only exacerbate the problem.