The Assembly Majority Put Criminals First

Today the New York State Assembly passed several bills aimed at protecting illegal immigrants and obstructing the deportation efforts of the federal government. The Assembly Majority wants New York to join the shortlist of sanctuary states that exist across the country and to shield criminals from the consequences of their actions.

Among the legislation passed today was Assembly Bill 4881, which would reduce the maximum term of imprisonment for a class A misdemeanor from 365 days to 364 days. This change was made to protect illegals convicted of misdemeanor crimes that carry a sentence of a year from possible deportation. Currently, under federal law, once an individual is convicted of a crime that carries a sentence of one year, the federal government can investigate the legal status of the individual in question. Decreasing the sentence by one day would not trigger deportability on this ground, thereby shielding the individual from deportation.

“It is infuriating that the Assembly Majority has decided to put its own partisan agenda ahead of constructive legislation that would help the law-abiding residents of our state,” said Morinello. “Assembly Bill 4881 not only makes the job of our law enforcement agencies more difficult, but it also strips away consequences for breaking the law. As a former judge, I understand the importance of having consequences. If you choose to break the law, you must pay the price for your actions. With this legislation, we are absolutely sending the wrong message.”

Other legislation passed today includes the DREAM Act (Assembly Bill 3039), which makes illegal aliens eligible for college tuition assistance and Assembly Bill 3049-B, which would provide free counsel and legal services to illegal aliens.

“It is clear that the Assembly Majority is far more interested in using their time in Albany to make political statements than address the concerns of New York’s legal residents,” said Morinello. “I came to Albany to make changes for the hard-working and law-abiding men and women of our district, not to protect criminals and law breakers.”