Morinello Pushes For DeVeaux Woods Park Construction - Letter to Governor

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
New York State Capitol Building
Albany NY 12227 Dear Governor Cuomo: In furtherance of my discussion with your representatives, I am writing to you on behalf of the residents of the 145th Assembly District and residents throughout Western New York. The reason for my correspondence is to ask for your reconsideration of the proposed lodge to be built on the historic and beautiful Goat Island located in Niagara Falls. My wish is to continue to carry out the vision of Frederick Law Olmsted and preserve the island and all of its natural beauty. History has taught us the intent of the Free Niagara Movement was to allow access to this magnificent island of beauty and as a way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The original direction given to Frederick Law Olmsted by the State of New York was to create a place of peaceful reflection, free from commercial development. Millions of tourists from around the world visit Niagara Falls and Goat Island each year for their natural wonder. All of the constituents who contacted us wish to preserve that natural wonder. I applaud your vision of creating a year-round tourist experience with activities that engage all of the attributes the Niagara Reservation offers and ask that you reconsider the location of a “Grand Lodge” from Goat Island to DeVeaux Woods Park. That magnificent location presents a location that can accommodate your entire vision from hiking to bicycling to walks through a native woods. It is in proximity to the Gorge and The Falls itself. It is close to the international train station and can anchor Main Street development. I appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from your office in a timely manner. Sincerely,
Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello
145th Assembly District AJM/cld Cc: Rose Harvey, Commissioner of the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation/Historic Preservation
Carl E. Heastie, NYS Assembly Speaker
Brian M. Kolb, Minority Leader
Senator Robert G. Ortt, 62nd Senate District (mailed and faxed)
Sam Hoyt, Empire State Development Corporation