Morinello Pleased With Goat Island Reconsideration

A statement from Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello (R,C,I,Ref-Niagara Falls)

“I am pleased to hear that the governor has listened to the concerns voiced by myself and our community in regard to the proposed construction of a lodge on Goat Island. In January, my office sent a letter to Gov. Cuomo outlining the original vision of Frederick Law Olmsted, which I hope helped in his decision to preserve the natural beauty that is Goat Island.

“I am also pleased to hear they are still considering other viable options in the area to construct a lodge. Furthermore, my previous suggestion of the DeVeaux Woods Park would encompass Gov. Cuomo’s desired ecotourism characteristics, with the location consisting of hiking, bicycling and walking paths through native woods. Its proximity to the gorge and the falls itself make this location optimal.

“The idea of a resort built for tourists is encouraging, and will entice visitors to remain in our city for an extended period of time. The union between commercial development and preservation of our community’s natural beauty is a delicate balance, but one that is manageable should we continue to work together in manners as displayed.”