Morinello Calls for $150,000 to Fund ‘American Legion’ In State Budget

This week, Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello (R,C,I,Ref-Niagara Falls) joined members of the Assembly Minority Conference in signing a letter to the governor and legislative leaders requesting $150,000 be allocated to the American Legion Boys State program in the state budget for its 100th anniversary. American Legion Boys State is a week-long program that offers high school seniors an opportunity to gain leadership training and first-class citizenship skills through government operations exercises, physical fitness, teamwork and other activities. The program is led by American Legion counselors and active duty marines. The American Legion has received $150,000 each of the past five years.

“To commemorate its 100th anniversary, it’s critical we earmark $150,000 to ensure the New York State American Legion has the resources needed to continue making a positive impact in our communities,” said Morinello. “This prestigious organization has helped thousands of students and made countless contributions to our state, so it’s fitting we continue supporting them in any way we can. I urge the governor and legislative leaders to heed our request and allocate the necessary funding in the state budget.”