Morinello Commends Efforts To Resolve Lake Ontario Flooding Crisis

On Monday, June 10, Assemblyman Angelo J. Morinello (R,C,I,Ref-Niagara Falls) will meet with Gov. Cuomo, state legislators, and the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Commission (REDI) at the Joseph A. Floreano Rochester Riverside Convention Center in Rochester to discuss Lake Ontario’s rapidly rising water levels. Attendees will identify ways to strengthen and reinforce the lake’s shoreline and work to limit damage if water levels rise in the future. Last week, the governor held a similar meeting in Albany to begin discussing ways to resolve the flooding crisis.

“I applaud recent efforts by the governor to help families along the Lake Ontario shoreline and thank him for providing assistance equipment and manpower to the region,” said Morinello. “The formation of the REDI Commission and recent meetings with the governor are encouraging and show the seriousness of this disaster. I look forward to meeting with the governor again on Monday and hope we’ll continue working toward a long-term solution to this problem.”

Earlier this year, the governor announced the formation of the REDI Commission to develop a plan to improve and stabilize infrastructure along Lake Ontario’s shoreline while supporting local economies that depend on summer tourism. The state has committed over $100 million to help rebuild these struggling waterfront properties.

“In 2017, flooding on Lake Ontario devastated shoreline residences and this reoccurring problem isn’t going away on its own,” said Morinello. “With help from the commission, we can stabilize and improve infrastructure along the lake, and help support local economies that depend so much on the summer tourism it provides. I’m hopeful this project will significantly benefit communities surrounding the lake and identify measures that should be taken to prevent future flooding from occurring.”