Morinello: Elected Officials Have a Duty to The People, Not Their Pockets

A Statement from the Desk of Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (R,C,I-Niagara Falls)

“As elected officials we have a solemn duty to act ethically and responsibility, in the best interests of the constituents who elected us to our positions. We are nothing more than an extension of our constituents, and our obligation lies in utilizing our time, and their hard-earned taxpayer dollars, to fight for and represent the members of our communities and state.

“I have frequently spoken of the rapid ethical degradation I have experienced firsthand in Albany. Throughout the pandemic this administration has placed personal political and financial gain above the people at the cost of human life.The singular focus of all elected officials must be placing the priorities of their constituents above all else. No one should be profiting off their experiences in a position granted to them by the people of this state.

“This is why I have co-sponsored legislation (A.07107) which prohibits statewide elected officers and certain appointed officers from receiving compensation for any book or other published work written during the course of their term of service.

"This legislation will prevent public officials from cashing in on their memoirs while in office. It closes the door on lobbyists or other interest groups disguising illicit contributions as book purchases. It prevents elected officials from distorting facts that might spoil a storybook narrative. Most importantly, it keeps elected officials focused on what they should be doing- delivering for their constituents instead of profiting off of their position."