Morinello: Children Never Needed Masks Before, Why Now?

A Statement from the Desk of Assemblyman Angelo Morinello (R,C,I-Niagara Falls)

“The recent mandate in New York state requiring two-year-old children to wear masks in daycare embodies the inconsistencies that have plagued Albany throughout the pandemic.

“The governor has consistently said the reopening of the state would be rooted in science; however, it seems this state's bureaucracy has pulled us away from science and back into politics.

“Throughout the duration of the pandemic, children two years old and younger have not been required to wear masks, and now with a statewide infection rate of .8% and continuously increasing vaccination rates, it makes no sense to revert further back from mandates that were never implemented during the worst of the pandemic. 

“If we are truly committed to reopening the state based upon the most updated and accurate science, we wouldn’t suddenly require mask wearing by a demographic largely unaffected by the pandemic. 

“This unnecessary burden exemplifies the confusion coming from Albany.

“I’m calling for an immediate end to this policy.”

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