Miller Passes Resolution Declaring March as Maple Month in New York

Today, Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,C-New Hartford) passed a resolution to designate the month of March as Maple Month in New York. The state proudly claims its place as the second-largest maple syrup producer in the U.S., and the crop has the distinct honor of being the first to be harvested in the calendar year. The economic significance of maple products in New York state cannot be overstated, with estimates valuing the industry at an impressive $31.3 million. Beyond its economic contributions, the maple industry in New York plays a vital role in preserving rural landscapes, supporting local communities and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

“There are many things to celebrate and appreciate when it comes to the rich tradition of maple production in our state, and I am honored to declare March as Pure New York State Maple Month. Maple production stands as an important part of our diverse agriculture in New York, with over 2,000 dedicated maple producers scattered across our state.

“This time of year marks the awakening of our maple trees. It's a season when many maple producers graciously open their doors to offer tours and educational events, providing a firsthand glimpse into the artistry and craftsmanship behind each drop of syrup. I wholeheartedly encourage all New Yorkers to take the opportunity to visit one of their local maple producers during this season and indulge in the tasty delight of maple syrup on their pancakes and waffles,” said Miller.