Miller Calls For Additional Protections For Individuals With Disabilities

Today, Assemblyman Brian Miller (R,I-New Hartford) joined with members of the state Legislature on both sides of the aisle to call for additional protections for individuals with disabilities.

Members of the Legislature stood with Michael Carey, father of Jonathan Carey whose death was attributed to two aides improperly restraining him in the back of a van. Ultimately one of the aides pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide while the other was convicted of second degree manslaughter.

“Some residents here in our community cannot take care of themselves and rely on others to care for their needs,” said Miller. “Sadly, there are people in the world who mistreat individuals with disabilities. The most vulnerable in our society cannot protect themselves and do not always have a voice. We must be that protection and that voice. In that light, we are calling for legislation that will mandate reporting of suspicious injuries to individuals with disabilities.”

This legislation (A.6830) requires mandated reporters who work with society’s most vulnerable to call 911 and the District Attorney’s Office to report suspicious and/or unexplained injuries. This includes all medical emergencies that threaten the life and safety of an individual with disabilities.

Currently, policy requires only that the Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs, a state agency, be contacted. Those guilty of abusing these individuals will no longer be allowed to bypass law enforcement officials and emergency medical services, thus providing a greater chance for abuse to be caught and stopped in its tracks.