Lavine Pens Letter to Israeli Prime Minister in Opposition of Judicial Overhaul

Glen Cove, New York – Assemblymember Charles Lavine has sent a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him to withdraw his support of a judicial overhaul bill which will significantly weaken the Israeli Supreme Court’s powers. The letter comes as tens of thousands of Israelis take to the streets to protest the legislation which comes up for a vote on Monday (7/24). Lavine, who serves as president of the New York chapter of the National Association of Jewish Legislators, believes it will hurt Israeli democracy.

In the letter Lavine states:

“Israel now confronts profound challenges to its security and to its future as a liberal democracy. The wide protests in which millions have participated in Israel and in major locations such as Washington D.C, New York City and other American venues are an attempt to make the government abandon this self-destructive policy. Instead of being instances of civil disobedience, these demonstrations are actually inspiring examples of true civil obedience.” Lavine adds, “It is democracy itself that is now at stake. Citizens of no nation will enjoy economic freedom in the absence of fundamental personal rights.”

Please click here to view the letter in its entirety.