Assemblymember Charles Lavine Statement on Anti-Israeli Comments of Elected Officials

Glen Cove, NY – Assemblymember Charles Lavine (D-Glen Cove) issued the following statement: 

The loss of life in Israel and Gaza in recent days is deplorable. As Americans, we mourn all who have died and all who suffer.It unfortunately comes as no surprise that some elected officials have responded to this tragedy by calling for the eradication of the State of Israel. Israel is America and New York’s staunchest ally. An attack on its right to exist is an attack on America’s and New York’s best interests. More than 1,000 missiles have been launched against Israel by the Hamas militants that control Gaza. Their objective is to terrorize the Israeli people.History makes clear that the response of the Government of Israel will cease as soon as Hamas decides that it is time to end its attack. While almost all calling for the death of Israel will surely maintain that they have no hatred for Jews, we can no longer humor that ideation as they call for the termination of the nation state of the Jewish people. Such reprehensible rhetoric must be condemned.