Braunstein Once Again Calls on MTA to Reconsider Surcharge on MetroCards Purchased at LIRR Vending Machines

Assemblyman Edward C. Braunstein (D-Bayside), member of the New York State Assembly Transportation Committee, called on the MTA to reconsider the proposed $1 surcharge on new MetroCards purchased at LIRR vending machines. This proposal was included in the MTA's preliminary budget for 2013.

“Unlike MetroCard vending machines, LIRR vending machines are incapable of refilling previously purchased cards,” said Assemblyman Braunstein. “The MTA justifies this surcharge by arguing that recycling MetroCards is good for the environment. Therefore, the MTA plan to promote refilling MetroCards by adding a $1 surcharge for new cards serves no purpose at these machines and is unfair to commuters in the outer boroughs. Many of my constituents purchase their new MetroCards at the vending machines at LIRR stations because they are the only available outlets. After I reached out to the MTA and informed them of this problem, the agency still refused to reconsider the proposed surcharge.

“While I am grateful that the MTA recently restored previously eliminated bus service, it still does not justify this surcharge which disproportionately impacts commuters in Northeast Queens,” said Assemblyman Braunstein. “I once again call on the MTA to reconsider this unjustified fare increase.”