Statement from Assemblyman Braunstein and Speaker Quinn on Proposed Closure of Fort Totten Pool

"As the only free pool in Northeast Queens, the Fort Totten pool is a tremendous resource to our community, and as such, the Parks Department should not annually propose its closure as a budget negotiating tactic. Closing this pool would be an insult to the taxpayers of Northeast Queens," said Assemblyman Braunstein.

"As we have done for the last 3 years, the New York City Council fully expects to find the funds necessary to ensure that all of New York City's families are able to enjoy a full season at all of the City's pools again this year," said Christine C. Quinn, Speaker - NYC Council.

"Closure of the Fort Totten pool, the only free, public pool in Northeast Queens, would prevent children, senior citizens, families and others from escaping summer's heat in what has become a valuable community facility. The only other option would be a private pool that can cost up to $2,000 for the season," said Warren Schreiber, President of the Bay Terrace Community Alliance, Inc.