Ra: Board Of Regents Confirmations Continue The Status Quo

March 12, 2014

Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square) voted against the Board of Regents nominees yesterday, citing the need for fresh voices in our education system in the wake of the debacle created by Common Core. Ra, the sponsor of the Assembly Minority Conference’s APPLE Plan, has also proposed legislation to open up the selection process of the regents, ensuring our children’s educational roadmap is charted by individuals with the experience and credentials necessary to dictate education policy.

“The Board of Regents’ purpose is clear: determining the policies that will provide our children with a world-class education,” said Ra. “This just isn’t happening under the current regime, and now our children and teachers have the albatross of Common Core dragging them down.

“We need new perspectives and fresh voices on the Board of Regents who are willing to listen to the stakeholders in our education system and will dictate the plans that will give our children the quality education they deserve. Even the newest member selected today was an 11th hour selection and was unable to be vetted. It’s a sham that she was chosen over the eligible candidates who were interviewed, vetted and had a proven record to be voted on.

“I voted against the nominations for the Board of Regents today because I do not support the status quo for our children’s future. Instead, I urge the Legislature to act on legislation that would open up the selection process for the board and ensure its members are advocates for our children, not for any special interests.”