Ra, Long Island Colleagues Call On NY Reps To Oppose Nomination Of King As U.S. Secretary Of Education

Long Island Assemblymen hold seats on Education Committee

Assemblymen Ed Ra (R-Franklin Square), Al Graf (R,C,I-Holbrook), Dave McDonough (R,C,I-Merrick) and Dean Murray (R,C,I-East Patchogue) are calling on U.S. Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer to oppose the confirmation of former New York State Education Commissioner John King as the U.S. Secretary of Education.

King is scheduled to be vetted by the U.S. Senate Education Committee at a hearing being held tomorrow.

Ra and his colleagues expressed great frustration with the president’s decision to nominate King, as he played an integral role in the hasty implementation of Common Core in New York State. Shortly after tension at the local level grew, he left his position as commissioner.

“I am disappointed with the decision to nominate King as Arne Duncan’s successor, as it limits the opportunity to revitalize the future of our education system,” said Ra, Ranking Minority Member of the Assembly Committee on Education. “We are encouraging our federal representatives to oppose King’s selection because he is simply not the visionary our students deserve. In order to be successful in our efforts, we must keep our calls for appropriate educational standards, local control and decreased reliance on mandated testing consistent at the state and federal levels.”

“After leaving behind a disaster in New York, the last thing we need is for acting secretary King to spread this disaster nationwide," said Murray.

“John King’s tenure as the Commissioner of Education in New York State culminated in disaster for our schools,” said Graf. “His lack of experience in the classroom led to policies that resulted in the near-destruction of public education in New York State. He was unqualified and unfit to hold the reins in New York. Why is the federal government now trying to impose his type of failed leadership on education for the entire country?”

“As a leading proponent of education on Long Island and member of the Assembly’s Education Committee, I have experienced firsthand the detrimental role former New York State Education Commissioner John King played in perpetuating the disastrous Common Core Standards and its flawed implementation. His disconnect with our teachers, students and parents was apparent while serving in New York State and I do not agree with his approach to education or the Common Core Standards. I urge Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer to listen to the voices of our state’s educators and parents and reject King’s appointment as U.S. Secretary of Education,” said McDonough.