Assemblymember McMahon Hosts Third Annual Earth Day Photo Contest

Assemblymember Karen McMahon (D-Amherst) is announcing her third annual Earth Day Photo Contest. Earth Day, April 22, will mark the start of the contest that will showcase and celebrate the natural spaces of the 146th Assembly District.

“I’m thrilled to be hosting our Earth Day Photo Contest again this year,” said Assemblymember McMahon. “As the weather gets nicer, it's the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful natural diversity in our community. Launching the contest in conjunction with Earth Day is important in highlighting the importance of the day - focusing on the actions we need to take to protect our environment and celebrating our natural world.”

Participants in the contest are encouraged to head outdoors with a camera - whether it be professional or on a phone - and snap a photo of a landscape in the 146th Assembly District (the Town of Amherst).

“Whether it’s a yard, park, trail, or waterway, any photograph of an outdoor scene in our community this spring will qualify,” said McMahon. “Not only will this encourage photographers of all skill sets to get outdoors and enjoy all that our community has to offer, but it will hopefully help participants to appreciate the beauty of nature, and remind them of the purpose of Earth Day.”

The contest runs between April 22 and May 22. To submit a photo, send the photo in an email to along with your name, a title for the picture and/or the location it was captured. There is no cost to participate. Winning entries will be featured on social media and Assemblymember McMahon’s Assembly webpage. For more information, visit

“By participating in the contest, I understand that:”

1.I represent that I am the submitting photographer, and I further represent that I have sole legal ownership of the photograph(s) and that no copyrights, privacy, trespass, or other laws were violated in the taking of the photograph(s). If any individuals or private property are depicted in the photograph(s), I represent that I have obtained the full consent and release from such individuals (parents/guardians if minors) or owners for use of the photograph(s); and

2.I understand that by submitting the photograph(s) to Assemblymember McMahon's Earth Day Photo Contest, I am giving Assemblymember McMahon permission to display the photograph(s) in her offices, and to include them in her newsletters, pamphlets, or other publications. I understand that no royalty or other compensation shall become payable to me by reason of such use.