Assemblymember Karen McMahon Statement on Judiciary Committee Report

“The Assembly Judiciary Committee was tasked with determining whether former Governor Andrew Cuomo committed acts that would constitute impeachable conduct under the New York State Constitution. After conducting a thorough investigation that produced hundreds of thousands of documents, outside counsel from the law firm Davis Polk & Wardwell have prepared a report summarizing the evidence into the allegations of misconduct. As the then-Governor has resigned, we lack the legal authority to move forward with Articles of Impeachment but can share our findings with the relevant law enforcement agencies. Regardless of whether the Legislature pursues any additional action, it was of the utmost importance that we, as a Committee, conclude the investigation and publicly issue a report of our findings.

“Having reviewed the evidence and the report as a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, I am satisfied that the report is an accurate and well-documented review of the investigation. It demonstrates that former Governor Andrew Cuomo exhibited a disturbing pattern of inappropriate conduct, a lack of transparency, and an abuse of the tremendous power of his office. To the women who came forward with their stories, I hope this report, which supports the initial findings of the Attorney General, gives them the much needed closure that they deserve. I thank them for having the courage to make their voices heard.

“Now that the investigation has been completed and the report is part of the public record, we can better focus our energies on the important issues confronting our state.”