Slater Welcomes Putnam County Youth Bureau to Albany

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) recently welcomed members of the Putnam County Youth Bureau to Albany and introduced them on the Assembly floor during session proceedings. As Yorktown town supervisor, Slater created the Supervisor Youth Council to garner the input of young people for projects and polices that benefit and cultivate the success of younger demographics.

“I am incredibly proud of the young, brilliant members of the Putnam County Youth Bureau. They have represented Putnam County admirably in their various roles,” Slater said.“Too often, young people fall into apathy with politics and government, and that is regrettable. We need input from all walks of life and ages in order to create a truly inclusive and effective government. I join them in calling on Gov. Hochul to recognize the importance of youth groups like these and adequately fund their efforts in this year’s budget.”

The Putnam County Youth Bureau is calling on Gov. Hochul to provide funding for youth programs across the state. Their visit to the Capitol comes just a week after Gov. Hochul’s budget proposal, which did not contain any funding for youth programs.

“It was a great opportunity for the youth of Putnam County to attend the annual Youth Leadership Forum in Albany. The highlight of their day was being announced on the floor in front of the entire Assembly by Assemblyman Matthew Slater,” said Janeen Cunningham, executive director of Putnam County Youth Bureau.