Slater Addresses Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, Carmel Town Board, for State Budget Update

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) met with members of the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce yesterday and Carmel Town Board today to provide an update on the status of the 2023 state budget and listen to the concerns of local business owners. As the former Supervisor of the Town of Yorktown, Slater has worked extensively with the chamber to support and cultivate the local business community.

“As I told our partners at the Yorktown Chamber yesterday and Carmel Town Board today, the governor and New York City Democrats who control the budget process have made virtually no progress as we approach seven days past the deadline,” Slater said. “It’s a colossal failure of leadership and governance to keep the rest of the state, and the local organizations who rely on state funding, hanging in the balance while these folks use our tax dollars to negotiate the best political outcome for themselves.

“I thank our partners at the Yorktown Chamber and Carmel Town Board, specifically Carmel Supervisor Cazzari, for inviting me to provide a status of the State Budget as we navigate this precarious process together. As I’ve maintained, my main priorities are to make New York safer and more affordable,” Slater finished.