Assemblyman Slater Raises National Work Zone Awareness on the Floor

On Tuesday, April 18, Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) presented a resolution on the Assembly floor that paid tribute to a Yorktown resident, 28 year old Jake Arcara, who was killed in a crash with a local resident at the site where his highway department was working on a drainage project on London Road. The 2023 National Work Zone Awareness week is coming to an end, however Slater is persistent on demonstrating this year's theme, “You play a role in work zone safety. Work with us!” all year around.

“Men and Women across the country show up to work each day bearing the responsibility to improve everyone’s quality of life. Oftentimes more than not, these essential workers are ignored, undervalued, disrespected and grievously victims of casualties. They put their lives on the line working in dangerous conditions to provide for their families and a better standard of living for ours. The Work Zone Awareness Week Resolution is crucial to the men and women highway workers and department as their safety and livelihood are no less important than our own. The moms and dads, children and spouses and brothers and sisters of those should be able to send their family members to work without wondering if they will be returning home alive,” said Slater.

Yorktown Highway Superintendent Dave Paganelli said, "Being respectful to our employees in a work zone will save lives. We miss Jake Arcara everyday but we hope his tragic death can be a stark reminder of the dangers our workers face out in the field. They are performing an essential service and deserve the respect that goes along with those responsibilities."

Kent Highway Superintendent Rich Othmer added, "It is so important that motorists acknowledge work zones by slowing down and adhering to the proper rules of the road. I thank Assemblyman Slater for bringing this important issue to light in hopes of improving safety across New York State."

CSEA Southern Region President Anthony M. Adamo said, “CSEA thanks Assemblyman Matt Slater for honoring Jake Arcara on the Assembly floor and for highlighting Work Zone Awareness Week. The loss of our beloved union brother has been a heartbreaking reminder of the importance in being patient, staying alert, and respecting flaggers as we drive through work zones. The people working on our roads are facing more near-misses than ever and constantly worry that they won’t be able to go home to their families. Driving with patience and caution through work zones is pivotal in reducing work zone injuries and fatalities.”