Slater Introduces Bill to Track Migrants Entering New York State

On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, Assemblyman Matt Slater (R-C Yorktown) filed paperwork that introduces legislation ensuring the proper registration, background checks and monitoring of refugees seeking asylum in New York state. With the migrant crisis that has downstate county officials calling for a state of emergency, New York needs to amend the executive law in relation to directing the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services to develop a plan that ensures the monitoring of migrants.

“With our southern border being flooded with Central American migrants, it is critical that we do not compromise the safety of New York State residents. The state has a responsibility to require background checks, quarterly reports and monitoring of all migrants entering New York State, particularly when taxpayers are being expected to provide services to those who are petitioning for asylum in this country.Ensuring public safety and protecting taxpayers must come first and this legislation makes sure the New York State government takes the necessary steps to keep our communities safe,” said Slater.

In recent weeks, due to the influx of migrants seeking shelter and an exceedingly problematic decision made to send migrants to Hudson Valley suburbs by Mayor Eric Adams, the Governor has declared a state of emergency. Rockland and Orange counties are bearing the brunt of this poorly executed decision, leaving their county officials without a concrete plan to quickly resolve this issue.

"I'm proud to support my colleague Assemblyman Slater in this effort to properly monitor and manage the influx of migrants making their way to the Hudson Valley. There is a manner to ensure that migrants and refugees seeking asylum in New York are taken care of, but the way New York City has committed to doing so – by putting people on buses and sending them to the Hudson Valley, an area equally unprepared for the numbers arriving – is wrong. I will continue to coordinate with my fellow Hudson Valley representatives and county leadership as we investigate ways to resolve this crisis," said Assemblyman Anil Beephan, Jr. (R,C-East Fishkill).

"New York City must not be allowed to pass along its migrant crisis burdens onto neighboring counties that are equally unprepared for the influx. I'm proud to support my colleague Assemblyman Slater in our continuing fight to protect the Hudson Valley," said Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C-Deerpark).

“To best help refugees seeking asylum in New York, we have to understand who they are. This bill is important to prepare our state to address the influx of refugees–what needs have to be met? What infrastructure issues might we have to address? New Yorkers have to register for some form of identification, ownership of their car, and some may have to submit to background checks for housing or to enter a new job. This is not to be oppressive, but to ensure that the safety of every New Yorker is protected,” said Assemblyman Ed Ra (R-FranklinSquare).

 “I am pleased to join Assemblyman Slater as a cosponsor on his bill that would require migrants to register with the state. This bill will create a better vetting system for migrants flooding into New York and it will encourage stronger coordination across all parts of the state so communities are not inundated without help. This would also require transparency on how the $1 billion allocated in the budget is used in the migrant crisis. Legal refugees are welcome, but we need to know who they are so we can get a reasonable idea about how to address the issue,” said Assemblyman Brian Maher (R,C-Walden).