Slater Calls for Mandatory Measures to Keep Hudson Valley Lakes Clean

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) authored legislation (A.6266) on the development of rural resources to be empowered by examining the efficiency of programs that manage ponds and lakes. It also mandates the implementation of measures to effectively control and reduce the negative impacts of harmful algal blooms in both marine and freshwater bodies. Additionally, it ensures the establishment of emergency protocols to respond promptly to water contaminations caused by algal blooms or hypoxia.

“The harmful algae blooms are affecting our lakes and waterways, and there is an urgent requirement for remedial measures to halt the ongoing pollution and prevent additional contamination. This bill is important for our lake communities as it requires the implementation of measures aimed at efficiently managing and mitigating the adverse effects of harmful algal blooms in marine and freshwater environments. Moreover, it guarantees the development of emergency protocols to swiftly address instances of water contamination. After writing to the DEC commissioner and emphasizing the importance of working together to assist in New York’s natural assets remain a driving force for everyone to enjoy. We must continue to ensure the safety of our waterways in the Hudson Valley area as they serve a strong necessity from the communities that surround them,” said Slater.

“HABs are a severe threat to our lake communities. Somers has four distinct Lake communities: Lake Lincolndale, Lake Purdy, Shenorock, and Deans Bridge. Water quality improvements in lake associations would significantly benefit these communities and help revitalize those lakes to their original state and purpose of bringing communities together. I applaud Assemblyman Matt Slater for fighting to protect our lakes in the Hudson Valley,” said Somers Town Supervisor Robert Scorrano.

“I am in full support of Assemblyman Slater's (A.6266) Legislation combating the HABs within the Town Carmel. Our lakes and waterways are being impacted by these harmful algae blooms, and there is a great need for remediation to prevent further contamination. Thank you for taking action and following through to protect our environment, " said Carmel Town Supervisor Mike Cazzari.

“HABs have continued to be a huge problem in the Town of Kent. These water contaminants pose a threat to the safety of our residents and need to be addressed. It is imperative that the DEC take action on this issue,” said Kent Town Supervisor Jaime McGlasson.