Slater Scores Another Win: Bill Passed Allowing Local Sports Fields to Lease Advertisement Space

Assemblyman Matt Slater’s (R,C-Yorktown) legislation, permitting the town of Putnam Valley to lease sports field fences of Leonard Wagner Memorial Park for advertisements with the revenues to be used solely by such town’s department of parks and recreation was passed by the assembly. Limited funding often hinders their ability to maintain and improve these facilities. In an effort to address this challenge, this bill permits the benefits of this approach, focusing on how it could generate additional revenue to support Putnam County parks and recreation initiatives.

“I am thrilled for Putnam County as my colleagues have passed an important piece of legislation for our town. The revenue generated from sports field fence advertising is being directly reinvested into parks and recreation initiatives. Which allows upgrading and maintaining sports fields, improving playgrounds, enhancing walking trails, and expanding recreational programs. By having a reliable funding source, Putnam County parks and recreation departments can offer better facilities, programs, and services to residents, thereby enriching community life and promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle,” said Slater.

“We are deeply grateful to Assemblyman Matt Slater for his unwavering dedication to preserving the integrity of our community. It is with great admiration that we extend our heartfelt congratulations to him for successfully passing a significant piece of legislation that will pave the way for our community to thrive. The scarcity of funding that small towns like Putnam face poses a formidable obstacle, especially considering the deserving residents who deserve nothing but the finest. Thus, we extend our sincere gratitude to Assemblyman Matt Slater for his tireless commitment to enhancing our town's parks and recreational facilities, ultimately creating an even more exceptional place to call home,” said Jackie Annabi, Putnam Town Supervisor.