Slater: Bipartisan Group Demands More Funding for Roads and Bridges in The Hudson Valley

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) recently joined the Construction Industry Council (CIC) of Westchester & Hudson Valley to advocate for a $400 million increase in funding for essential roads and bridges in this year’s state budget. Additionally, they emphasized the need for a $250 million boost in aid to local highway departments to counteract the impacts of inflation.

Highlighting the longstanding issue, it was pointed out that New York State Department of Transportation Region 8 has endured the poorest road and bridge conditions in the state for more than a decade. Despite boasting the highest number of lane miles and bridges among all regions, Region 8 consistently ranks third in funding allocation.

“There’s no Minority or Majority way to go about this, and we’re proving that with this bipartisan coalition. This is about equity, for too long the Hudson Valley roads have been neglected. This investment is critically needed as we’ve heard time and time again from my colleagues,” said Slater. “This is a quality-of-life issue, an economic issue and a safety issue. I appreciate the advocacy we are seeing from both sides of the aisle, and I am hopeful we’re going to be able to deliver this important investment in our roads here in the Hudson Valley.”

“I am very proud to stand with the Construction Industry Council, Westchester/Putnam Building and Construction Trades Council, and members of the State Assembly and Senate in a bipartisan effort to make sure Albany understands that our roads and bridges are important. Region 8 of the Department of Transportation (Hudson Valley Region) receives the least amount of road repair money even though we contribute the most. Priorities should be the citizens of New York State and their rights to safe roadways,” said Yorktown Councilman Ed Lachterman.

“We are here to send a message loud and clear to our lawmakers in Albany. This crisis must be addressed immediately, and it is not a political issue; the disgraceful conditions affect anyone who drives on our state roads. Enough is enough. It’s time for action, not talk,” said John Cooney Jr., executive director of the Construction Industry Council of Westchester & Hudson Valley.

“It's not just about job creation which is important, but it's about safety. Westchester County being one of the most affluent counties, we deserve better.” said business manager of IUOE Local 137, Jeff Loughlin.

“Today's message is simple. Our roads and bridges are in need of dire repair and the failure to do so creates extreme and dangerous conditions on the road. It is everyone's obligation to have Region 8’s roads properly funded,” said director of Political Affairs for the Westchester Putnam Building Trades and Construction Council, Lou Picani.