Slater Rallies with Highway Workers in Support of CHIPS Funding

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown), a member of the Assembly transportation committee, stood in support of highway workers who came to Albany to advocate for an additional $200 million in CHIPS funding, which entails crucial infrastructure investments in New York’s roads and bridges.

Our local roads are the lifeblood of our communities, connecting us and facilitating essential daily activities. Local roads serve as almost 90% of our state roads and bridges, yet less than 12% of the taxes and fees paid to the state by those who use them go back to maintaining them. Lawmakers and highway officials are collectively urging the governor for not only the additional $200 million but the restoration of last year's $60 million to the CHIPS budget.

“The 2022 road conditions report revealed the Hudson Valley ranks among the regions with the worst roads in all of New York state. Rather than addressing this issue, the governor’s proposal entails further cuts,” said Slater. “Drawing from my experience as a former town supervisor, CHIPS funding is critical to the safety and quality of life in our communities. It is imperative not only to restore this funding but also to increase it and invest in our infrastructure.”

“NYS Highway Superintendents swarmed Albany as a collective unit to show their disapproval of the Governor's proposed $60 million cut in CHIPS funding. Party lines play no role in keeping our state's infrastructure intact, and this was evident in Wednesday’s showing! Restore our funding and let's pave the way to a safer future,” said Carmel Highway Superintendent Mike Stern.

“I had the honor of visiting the NY State Capitol for the Local Roads Matter Advocacy Day.Governor Hochul is trying to cut $100 million from some programs that local municipalities rely on to keep our roads safe. Thank you to Assemblyman Matt Slater for being a great host, and for spearheading the support effort to get these much needed funds back in the budget! It’s great to have a partner like him representing us in Albany,” said Somers Highway Superintendent, Nick Devito.