Slater Hosts Vietnam Veterans Days in Albany

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) and his colleagues hosted “Vietnam Veterans Day at the Capitol” alongside Veterans’ Affairs Committee Chair Assemblywoman Kimberly Jean-Pierre. The event commenced with a luncheon followed by a recognition ceremony held in the Assembly Chamber.

The Vietnam War, spanning nearly two decades, claimed the lives of 4,119 New Yorkers. Each individual who served in Vietnam demonstrated immense bravery and dedication to America. Presently, approximately 207,000 Vietnam War veterans reside in New York, each deserving of our gratitude.

“We owe an immeasurable debt of gratitude to our Vietnam veterans, whose bravery, sacrifice and unwavering dedication to duty exemplify the highest ideals of service to our nation. Through their selfless actions, they defended freedom and democracy, often under challenging and harrowing circumstances,” said Slater. “I was honored to stand with them and thank our Vietnam veterans for their noble service and profound contributions to our country. To all Vietnam veterans, mission accomplished and welcome home.”

“March 26 was an extraordinary day for me and the other veterans to feel the admiration and respect of those expressed for our service. The honor strengthens my firm memory of being a proud American serving my country. I’m positive this honorable day extends outward throughout our country to all the veterans. It was a day to meet other veterans, sit at a table, enjoy lunch and learn about their commitment to serving our country and how proud they felt to be recognized today. It was also a day to see how our New York state assemblymen and assemblywomen work together for their state—a day to walk the halls of our Capitol and see its remarkable structure,” said Vietnam veteran, Lenny Cirigliano (resides in Mahopac).

“What a wonderful day. It’s great to finally feel appreciated. Thank you, Assemblyman Slater,” said Vietnam veteran, Hans Minnich (resides in Mahopac).

“It was a pleasure meeting Assemblyman Matt Slater yesterday. We were all honored to be recognized and we enjoyed the day immensely,” said Vietnam veteran, John Settembrino (resides in Yorktown).

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