Slater: Combating Antisemitism Across College Campuses

Assemblyman Matt Slater (R,C-Yorktown) joined a press conference regarding the “Combating Campus Anti-Semitism Act” (A.8399/S.7752). The proposed legislation would bar any student from receiving tuition assistance who has knowingly engaged in promoting antisemitism in a manner that incites or produces imminent lawless action constituting “true threats.”

Since the Oct. 7, 2023, Hamas terrorist attack, the Anti-Defamation League has reported an almost 400% increase in antisemitic incidents. Many of these incidents are occurring on college campuses, which have become hotbeds for antisemitic rhetoric. In response to this disturbing trend, this crucial proposal along with Slater’s newly authored proposal, which updates the definition of anti-semitism to protect those whom anti-Semitic practices may victimize, aims at protecting Jewish students and community members.

 “Graduations, final exams, the entire college experience—has been ruined and taken from students due to prejudiced violence and it is unacceptable,” said Slater. “Antisemitism in any form has no place in our society, let alone on college campuses. The hatred, and violence towards Jewish students that we have seen must be condemned in the strongest terms and action needs to be taken immediately,”