Assemblywoman Michaelle C. Solages 2017 Constituent Questionnaire

December 22, 2017


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When considering how to allocate the State’s financial resources, which categories are your highest priorities? (Please rank highest priority as 13 – lowest priority as 1)
Education (K-12)
Higher Education/College
Local Governments/Property Tax Relief
Bridge and Road Infrastructure
Water and Sewer Infrastructure
Workforce Development (Trades, Apprenticeships, Nursing, etc.)
Resources for the Aging Community
Nutrition and Healthy Food
Rank the effectiveness of the current State government today. (Please rank very effective (1) to not effective (5) down below)

Other states have imposed a ban on polystyrene and/or plastic bags by replacing them with paper, recyclable material, and/or biodegradable products in the interest of environmental protection.
Do you support a similar plastic bag ban in New York if retailers also charged a 10 cent fee for the new bags to offset the additional costs for these bags?

Would you change your answer if 5 cents of that fee were used to fund New York State Parks?

In light of the Hempstead Industrial Development Authority’s tax breaks to the Green Acres Mall and Green Acres Commons in Valley Stream, do you support restricting an industrial development agency’s authority to issue a payment in lieu of tax exemption or a property tax exemption that will increase taxes for the homeowners?

Do you support the consolidation of Long Island’s eight Industrial Development Agencies (IDA) into two between Nassau and Suffolk counties?

Do you support funding the IDA through the State budget or the current model of IDA depending on fees from the very business they reward with breaks and grants?

Despite additional charges of corruption there has been little progress in the way of meaningful ethics reform. What in your opinion is the most important ethics reform measure that New York should enact? Please rank from most important (6) to least important (1)
New disclosure requirements

Prohibiting outside income

Per diem reform

Campaign finance reforms

Closing the LLC loophole(Limited Liability Corporation)


During the 2017 Session, the NYS Assembly passed the “Child Victims Act” as a one-house bill; the legislation proposes to extend the statute of limitations for sexual abuse criminal and civil cases. Under current law, the five-year statute of limitations for bringing a criminal case begins when the victim reaches age 18. Under the bill, the five-year statute of limitations would begin when the victim reaches age 23. As for civil cases, the current law starts the statute of limitations at age 18, under the proposed legislation, the victim would be able to bring a suit up to the age of 50 years old.

Do you support extending the statute of limitations for survivors of childhood sexual abuse?

If you answer is YES, do you support the extension:

Do you support State funded Universal Pre-Kindergarten for all 4-year-olds?

Heroin has become a major issue in Long Island. Among the ones affected are those under 21, with a 80% of users starting on pills. Four out of five patients said their addictions started with the use of prescription pills. Do you and your family believe in the following methods down below to prevent further cases of Heroin abuse in Long Island?

Which development do you believe should happen at Belmont Park?

Do you believe Belmont Park should upgrade the Long Island Rail Station to a year round commuter service?

Do you support nighttime thoroughbred racing at Belmont Park?

With a new push to impose congestion pricing growing in Albany, Manhattan lawmakers are pushing to institute tolls on the currently free East River bridges, along with tolls for bridges south of 60th Street. Monies from tolls would be used to improve mass transit like Long Island Rail Road.

Would you support a congestion pricing plan?

Do you believe the State Legislature should pass a bill that would pressure medical institutions to file incident reports done to patients due lack of care and poor medical practice. It will also give patients the “private right of action against a hospital for injuries suffered as a result of a hospital acquired infection; and establish strict liability against hospitals for medication errors.”

Please share any thoughts on what issues are important to you and your family and what you would like to see addressed in the upcoming session.